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6th Grade Geography Project Presentations

Norwegian Kringla, Polish Kolaczki, Swedish meatballs and Belgium waffles were among the many foods sampled at this cultural celebration. Julie Yunker’s 6th grade class had a plethora of treats for sampling during their geography project presentations.  Forty-eight countries were represented by an enthusiastic group of students excited to share the customs and cultures of their selected country.  The students spent six weeks researching and preparing their projects.  Included in their research was information on the history, government, culture, currency and climate of their region.  The students each created a Google Slide Show about their country, wrote an informative speech, and presented the information to their peers.  These presentations allowed the students an opportunity to not only share what they learned, but to explore other countries while learning from their classmates.  The sixth grade teaching team is proud of the students’ dedication to this project and the academic progress made!