The Seneca Grade School Foundation, a non-profit organization, is being formed to supplement school funding, provide additional incentives for students to excel, and, in general to enhance the educational process for Seneca Grade School students. The foundation will operate through donations and bequests along with possible fund-raisers. With the exception of a minimal amount to cover operating costs, all funds will be devoted to programs for the students. Recognizing the necessity for long term financial stability in order to continue programs for students, the Foundation will strive to generate contributions and pledges. The Foundation will recognize and honor those people, businesses, and organizations whose vision and priority for education leads them support learning at Seneca Grade School. An important benefit to donors to the Foundation is the tax benefit. Contributions are deductible under section 170(c)(2) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Seneca Grade School Foundation Overview
  • The Foundation will be formally organized with a duly elected Board of Directors. No compensation will be made for membership. Officers will be elected.
  • Each member of the Board of Directors will have voting rights on any matter submitted to the organization.
  • The Foundation will host an annual meeting. Special meetings can be scheduled as needed.
  • General operating procedures require working with the Seneca Grade School Board of Education and administration. The president of the Board of Education and the Superintendent will be members of the Foundation.
  • Specific details and by-laws will be developed for the Foundation in the near future.
  • Anyone wishing more information regarding Seneca Grade School Foundation may contact Eric Misener, Superintendent, at 357-8744 or Jim Blalock, Member of the Seneca Grade School Board of Education, at 433-0044 extension 432.

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