ILMEA Auditionees Standing: Sean Rentaukas, Lexi Sprinkel, Jolena Odum, Alexis Crask, Taylor Mino, Ashlin Jackson, Caroline Paulson, Bruce Smolucha Kneeling: Trevor Otey, Vivian Chapman
    Eighth graders Alexis Crask, Trevor Otey, Caroline Paulson, Alexis Sprinkel and  
seventh grader Jolena Odum were nominated to audition for this year’s Illinois Music
Educators Association District #2 Band Festival.  Eighth graders Vivian Chapman,
Ashlin Jackson, Sean Rentauskas, and Bruce Smolucha were nominated to audition for
the Mixed Chorus. Seventh grader Taylor Mino was nominated to audition for the Treble Chorus.  Auditions were held in Geneseo on Saturday, October 6.
     As a result of those auditions, Seneca Grade School will be represented at the District
Festival by Caroline Paulson in the Junior Band, Ashlin Jackson and Bruce Smolucha in the Junior Mixed Chorus, and Taylor Mino in the Junior Treble Chorus.  The festival will be held
At Augustana College in Rock Island on Saturday, November 10.  About 10,000 Junior and Senior students participate in similar events held in nine geographic Districts throughout the
state each year.