Mathematics Curriculum Overview

The following documents are from Engage NY. All documents can be found at https://www.engageny.org/resource/pre-kindergarten-grade-5-mathematics-curriculum-map-and-guiding-documents/file/8776

Each grade level begins with a year-long sequence for mathematics instruction followed by detailed descriptions. The curriculum map is a chart that shows, at a glance, the sequence of modules comprising each grade of entire elementary curriculum. Each grade-level description begins with a list of the five to seven modules that comprise the instruction of that grade. The introductory component is followed by three sections: the Summary of the Year, the Rationale for Module Sequence, and the Alignment Chart with the grade-level standards. The Summary of Year portion of each grade level includes four pieces of information:

  • The critical instructional areas for the grade, as described by the Common Core Learning Standards
  • The Key Area of Focus for the grade band
  • The Required Fluencies for the grade
  • The Common Core Emphasis Clusters for the grade

The Rationale for Module Sequence portion of each grade level provides a brief description of the instructional focus of each module for that grade and explains the developmental sequence of the mathematics.

The Alignment Chart for each grade lists the Common Core Learning Standards that are addressed in each module of the grade. Throughout the alignment charts, when a cluster is included without a footnote, it is taught in its entirety; there are also times when footnotes are relevant to particular standards within a cluster. All standards for each grade have been carefully included in the module sequence. Some standards are deliberately included in more than one module, so that a strong foundation can be built over time.

Use the links below to see the scope and sequence for each grade level.

Kindergarten - First Grade - Second Grade - Third Grade - Fourth Grade